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Using photography to document how traditional crafts are adapting and surviving. 

A photo book to raise money for The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society

Following the success of my charity photo book '3 Balls £2.50' in 2013, I decided to publish a follow-up which is still on sale. The theme is traditional crafts and I have visited Malcolm Tysoe Ltd to see violins being restored, Easthope Stained Glass Studio, Alan Staley's Boat RestorersCleverley & Spencer Monumental Stonemasons and finally Michael Hart, Blacksmith.

The project continued and I hope at some point to be able to produce a second Artisans book. So far I have visited Siân Evans, a coppersmith, James Virgo at his bronze foundry, Mia Sabel a bespoke leather designer and the Sussex Trug Company

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Tim Allen's Artisans charity photo bookTim Allen's Artisans charity photo book
Now that the book has been on sale for a while I'd like to quote some of the lovely comments I've received from buyers:

"I can't recommend 'Artisans' enough. It's an excellent and much needed project/book. I encourage you to keep shooting and publish a coffee table edition when the time is right." - SC
"Many thanks for the book - it's great!  Think for each set you have captured the skill & thoughtfulness that each artisan puts into their work." - PD
“The book arrived and I’m really impressed! I think you’ve done a great job in capturing the concentration and the skill in each of the subjects. The violin guy is the real standout for me, a great choice for the cover. I’ll be interested in checking out how the series develops.” - NR
"I really really  like the pictures. Hope fully this will be the start of a series of Artisan books. With so many great artisans to be recorded.” - KDS
“The book is spot on, love it” - AA
“Enjoying Tim's wonderful charity Artisans book. Treat yourself while stocks last.” - CB
“Thanks to the lovely Tim Allen for getting this to me! Some superb shots, sir!” - LT
"Artisans is wonderful, thanks so much for the copy.” - AY


I was also blown away by some of the blog posts that have been written about it, particularly by Tom McLaughlan and Daniela Bowker.