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Using photography to document how traditional crafts are adapting and surviving. 

How to buy my photo book to raise money for The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society

Thanks for choosing to find out more about my charity book, hopefully this page will explain everything clearly for you. I've had 200 copies of the book printed but unlike last time I'll not be using eBay to sell it as PayPal don't waive their fees (the ratbags). For Artisans, please simply click here to email me and let me know you'd like to support the project, I'll then reply with the link to the 'Virgin Money Giving' page where you can make your donation. Once that has gone through please forward me your email receipt and postal address and the book will be on it's way to you soon afterwards. I'm sorry this is a little convoluted but it avoids PayPal's fees, and Virgin's fees are substantially less than those of Justgiving so NASS will get more money this way.

++ Please don't pass around the Virgin address as I don't want to risk taking more donations than I have books for! ++ Thank you.

Artisans: pile of lovely booksArtisans: pile of lovely booksArtisans - A photo book by Tim Allen to raise money for The National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS).

As this year's book is bigger than the last one (36 pages not 20) I'd like each donation to be £6 £10 (or more if you like…) which I'm hoping is acceptable to you; it would mean NASS get £2,000 if they sell out. As I've mentioned Virgin's fees, here's a breakdown: A donation of £10 + £2.50 Gift Aid is obviously £12.50; there's a transaction fee of 2% and a card processing fee of 1.45% which means NASS will get £12.15 which I think is pretty good going. If you pay by PayPal instead of using a card directly their fee is 1.6% instead of 1.45% so NASS will get a fraction less that way but the difference is negligible.

For more information on the project please click here

Thanks again for your support,

Here are the full print specifications:

36-page A5 landscape, digitally printed B&W throughout.
Cover 250gsm matt card with no laminate.

Inner pages 120gsm matt paper.

Page updated: 11-2-2015 - lower price