Artisans Project: Malcolm Tysoe Violin Specialists, Farnborough, Kent.

I knew of Malcolm Tysoe Ltd as my son Will had a violin restored by them a while back and they seemed an obvious candidate for my Artisans project. I'd like to thank Colin and Malcolm for allowing me to visit, and especially to Dante who gave me 2 hours of his time. Dante's enthusiasm is infectious and he couldn't have been more helpful, nothing was too much trouble and it was fascinating to see what he does and how he does it.

A perfect stream of natural light enters their workshop which made photography a pleasure and again I found myself drawn to the tools that are used so skilfully to restore the instruments to their former glory. Dante explained many techniques including how animal based glue is used as it's easily breakable for future maintenance and how many different coloured stains can make new wood look old.

I was reluctant to say yes when offered the chance to fit a sound post in a violin but after some encouragement I was soon attempting to fit the post, which was incredibly difficult! It was a very good example of why such skilled craftsmen are still needed today.

I hope you enjoy the images and I'm happy to have another selection of shots to choose images from for the next book. Next stop is a boat restorer…

All images were made using a Fuji X100.

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